Don't use CGU Insurance

3:15 PM

I'm going to go on a bit of rant here for a minute or two. Language may be a bit harsh - I warn you now!

Okay fuck you CGU Insurance you lying pack of douchebags! In what fucking reality do you think it is okay to insure a vehicle, then refuse to pay out what is a reasonable value for the vehicle (or why not just fix the damned vehicle given that the market book value of the vehicle is still more than the repair!) The vehicle has been fully insured with you for at least 18 months (and previously had insurance for more than 10 years with you), so it's not like a significant amount of money hasn't been poured through your business. 

To say that you won't pay out a fair Red Book value for the vehicle, and have deducted the remaining balance of the insurance for the year, for a vehicle we no longer have, because you have determined you don't want to fix is fucking outrageous! Despite evidence being provided that even the quote that the Assessor produced was too low, that a replacement identical vehicle with similar Km's could not be purchased from a Dealer or Private Seller for the money you were offering, you still would not relent. And then to come back with an even lower offer, due to your "deductions", add insults to injury. 

So not only does my partner not have her vehicle, not have her freedom, not have the vehicle she worked blood, sweat, and tears to own, but you've stiffed us out of being able to replace the vehicle. A vehicle that I must point out was damaged not because of my partner, but because of a P-Plate drivers ineptitude! Your attitude has been less than caring, and you have not lifted a finger to be helpful in any way! You are a fucking disgrace! Your juvenile and condescending attitude throughout our dealings has been an insult! You have offered not one iota of assistance to us, including leaving us to attempt to retrieve items of equipment from the car, without any assistance, and "volunteering" the panelbeaters to assist us at their expense was extremely appreciated by them (i'm being sarcastic in case you don't get it). I'd point out the heartbreak, tears, stress, and absolute despair you have caused us, but I don't think you give a shit! 

I will now retaliate with the only means I have left at my disposal - I will remove our business from your organisation. You will no longer receive one cent from us, and I will ensure that everyone I know, they know, and so on, NEVER takes any of their business to your satanic Insurance agency EVER again! You are the lowest form of life in the universe, lower than pond scum, lower than the base bacteria that formed in a rock pool aeons ago! Enjoy your pound of flesh! Fuck you!

Whatever you do, don't use CGU Insurance for your insurance. I've never dealt with a more unreasonable, money grubbing, soulless organisation in my life. These people could have repaired the car, which was not that badly damaged IMHO, and kept us as a customer. But their attitude and miserly approach has ensured I will remove our business from them, and anyone else I can enlighten. Please don't deal with these people - you'll only set yourself up for heartache!

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